LIFE + Nature project FLANDRE (English)

Objectives of the project

The aim of the project is the qualitative consolidation of the Natura 2000 network in both countries by restoring the habitat types that are characteristic of the sedimentary coasts of the Atlantic biogeographical region and the populations of species which are of Community interest through the acquisition of the coastal dunes, nature restoration work, management planning, and increasing the public awareness by a close co-operation between the Belgian and French authorities for the acquisition and management of protected areas.

European nature park

With the creation of a LIFE+ FLANDRE Advisory Committee that should be continued after the termination of the project in the form of a transnational management commission, the elaboration of a transnational directing management plan and a legal framework for transnational cooperation for the management of the cross-border dune zone, the project aims at being a first step towards the creation of a cross-border ' European ' nature park, that can serve as an example for the cooperation of other European Member States for the protection and management of cross-border Natura 2000 – areas.

Map of the Belgian part of the dunes:

Map of the French part of the dunes: